What we do


Thinking of buying or selling a boat?

Let me show you how forty years worth of experience can help you.

We are a boat broking agency assisting boaties and houseboat owners to sell their craft in the quickest and least inconviencing way possible.

Often is the case that the boat is being sold to finalise a deceased estate or a marital breakdown. Other times the reason for sale maybe a change of personal, professional or financial. Then of course is the hard one – just getting too old to really be able to enjoy the fun ‘ mucking around on boats’.

As professional boat brokers we have honed our people skills to a point of genuine and sincere understanding of all the different emmotio9nal problems that come up at boat selling time and we pride ourselves in the knowledge that we can sympathise and assist in the least hurtful way to bring about a sale and to assist in the inevitable sadness at losing the old friend. Fortunately, in most cases your boat passes onto an equally boat proud person and your secret lover is well cared for!

We will come and inspect your boat, advise you of our thoughts as to value and the best method plus other ideas on the best way to sell.

If you select us to look after negotiations on your behalf we will maintain constant contact and give thorough feed back as a sale develops.

We are not the worlds best sailors or power boast operators. We believe we are amongst the best boat marketing people and with over 40 years experience we have learnt a thing or two about boats and people and attitudes and feelings. We love our boating and do our best to encourage everyone we come across to be part of the best fun a person can have – mucking around with boats. It doesn’t have to be a big cruiser or a 50’ sailing boat to have fun – the most fun I ever had on boats was when I was young and we had a small sailing catamaran. I had no idea how to sail but I had hours of great fun and companionship. The boating disease set in and now some 40 years later I have not been cured of the disease and have great fun passing it on to others – and they call it work!

Being just a little bit serious for a moment, it is because of our attitude that we have been successful – we love what we do and we believe we do it well.

If you really want to sell your boat for top dollar with a minimum amount of fuss and trauma you will do yourself a favour by giving us a call at any time. We would love to put you on our happy client list.